Vortex RP Wars?

I don’t know about you guys but I actually like it. People get pissy that it’s an rdm gamemode fit into Dark RP but hell it’s hilarious and pretty badass at points. Last night… I was actually building a trench line in the streets and two teams used them in a fire fight that lasted almost thirty to forty minutes.

Just here to see if anyone else plays it.

I used to play this, I can’t seem to find the server though… Has it gone down?

Does it actually have any RP involved, or is it really just called that to try and get more people to join?

It doesn’t have that much RP involved, but its quite fun. It mostly just uses the DARKRP system for it. I can’t find it though D:

Wait, what the fuck? How did this get back here?
To contribute: I want to play it.

M-m-m-monster bump.
I was there once, and i didnt have kermites, and they did, so, well, lets just say there were a lot of errors.

There you go …
Alway has the lowest ping on my server list

I remade the Vortex Rpwars server.

here is the IP, hope people still visit this thread XD .

(User was banned for this post ("Bumped a four year old thread to advertise server" - NiandraLades))