[release]** Beware that this is a IDEA IN DEV’**

Vortex is a game on the new generation of ipods Eg (Ipod classic, 3G Nano, 4G Nano) that is a new and modernised version of an old game that used to appear in the older ipods and quite a few versions have been seen as well (The original dated back to the atari era I think)

Ipod (New version)

Ipod (Old version but with colour)

The game is formally known as Breakout

A list of them all of the break out type games here:

So my idea is to have a ball that propels it self breaking blocks while the player’s Actually on the blocks will
try and avoid hitting the bottom of the “Map” or they will die and have to wait until the last man dies, Then the last man standing will win.

The gamemode works in the same view point as Super Mario Boxes in that you see your player from a side scrolling view.
What I have done so far:

Mapping 90%
Lua coding 20% - I need to make effects now and the 3rd person view.
Modelling 100% ( Is not needed anymore)

Mapping Pics:

The test map:

After some brick destroying:

Note that them pics are fullbright, They do have lighting but i had loaded a fullbright version earlier and forgot to set mat_fullbright to 0.

**Currently doing:
Fuck all its dead until revived by me

[lua] ent:Fire(“break”,"",0)[/lua]

I think it would be better to make the bricks with lua instead of on the map so you can have multiple levels.

Looking good. i agree with the above poster. Itd be kinda lame having 1 level.

Taking that on bored but then how would I go about making the other levels different?
Shall I change the skybox? But then i can do that in Lua and no have to get people to download more than one map.

And also there are pros and cons to using a map based brush VS a model:

Pros to a model

Easy to debug
Can be made into a SENT
Easy to change without reshipping map

Cons to a model

Lots of more files to download
Lack of patience of the waiting user.

Pros to a brush:

Easy to edit (In hammer)
Easy to texture

Cons to a brush:

Have to reship map for a change to happen
Harder to edit later (If I wanted Lua effect’s etc.)

I will probably go to a model later but for now I will stick with a brush.


Scrap that, Ill just make models.

1 File*

Actually for a model its 6 - 10 files plus 2 extra for textures.

8-12 files still isn’t a lot. I’ve got a not so great ISP, and I can download a single model and it’s texture in a second or less.

It’s just a cube, shouldn’t take a long time to send.
That, or you can use a square-ish prop, scale it, and use PhysicsInitBox. (a cargo container or a wooden crate should do it)

I was thinking of using the bigger wooden crate actually just coloured.
It means there is no files to send.

You know this wooden crate:

Also I might use this in fretta due to its lightweight design.
Its not a real gamemode, Unlike sandbox and RP I think it fits into fretta’s indie style nicely.