VortexGaming was hacked!

Everytime I go to vortexgaming.net I get some dumb kirb step things. I think some people hacked there website, i think it was those true people on twitter they even leaked a bunch of there rcon username and passwords…

Someone got RCon access to a GMod server? Oh my, what will we ever do?

they relesed it though everyone has access to it!

This is what occurs when a server uses basic security measures, and when there’s nice exploits like these.

this is a big problem though what if that guy hacks others people ?

Shit happens.

Where is this release of rcon passwords, i’d like to check mine. although I’m sure I’m sufficiently protected, but I may be mistaken.

Vortex Gaming RCON Information, cracked by TrueHarassment

Server RCON Password: v0rtex123


nobody gives a fuck

Yet another (unknown?) community gets defaced. Give it 10 minutes and they’ll have fixed it.
Nobody really cares about this.

oh my god a gmod server got hacked?
The world is ending!


It was funny when lulzsec did it. Not anymore :confused:

why do so many groups of skiddies keep coming up =\

That rcon password.

Who the hell is vortex gaming anyway?.. another group of people trying to become famous? I think not :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a fairly new community that just popped up. Only 8 members on the forum or so. Shame it got hacked so fast.

Ah, I am glad I don’t try to make a website community then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the owner. All fixed I hope. Will be moving to a safer setup very soon. I also contacted my local police.

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And if your wondering, we did get it back.

What the fuck can your local police do about it

“Oh no someone hacked my garry’s mod shit and dared to deface it, I need to call the LOCAL POLICE!!1”

Sorry but it just sounds like an utterly stupid reason to call the police for.

It may be stupid in your eyes. Shame the police won’t do anything about it though. Then again, if everybody contacted the police for doing this shit, there would be a whole lot more crime because they would be so focused on apprehending 1337 h4x0rz.


you can’t be serious.