Vortigaunt (Added Anims)

Hey facepunch,

I’ve skimmed through the forum and I can’t find a vortigaunt with the added anims (Crouching + jumping + weapon Hold-types)

Just wondering if one exists already, If so where could I download it?

If it doesn’t exist that’s fine I don’t want to have someone waste their time adding anims to a model :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading

Kind regards.

That should have a playermodel Vort with playermodel/NPC anims.

It works sort of, but it shows the pistol holdtype animation when it’s not holding anything D:

If you’re using a swep to see that then it’s gonna do that if it was made before a update that changed how sweps were held somewhat
Edit: Just checked it and it does have the proper animation for no weapons

I wonder why it doesn’t work for me then O.o