Vortigaunt Myrmidont Taming

The next issue to the Vortigaunt Saga before things get…serious.

Three edits seeing as I could not think of which is better


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Woah, where’d you find the info about the taming? And these are damn good.

I think he made it up.
Great picture :slight_smile:


and story :stuck_out_tongue:

All Vortigaunt info in my threads is from the top of my head. I spent about 3 hours on wikipedia looking at Xen creatures, Vortigaunts, and began studying the vorts in EP2.

Glad it was good enough to seem real :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome opossum

New thread from you already? Holy crap. Nice picture and another intriguing read.

Ah! This is getting less attention than my other thread D:

Great thread, and pictures.

Nice work.

Reply complete.

These stories are absolutely fantastic.

I try. :smug:

^No, you do with succesion.

Awesome editing.

Blimey Ben, you really are capable of chronicling the social behaviour and arcane powers of vortic culture. Perhaps Valve could benefit from your concepts?

Very nice pose and story.

Though I was expecting a sex pose for some reason.

It would be great if they were/are interested in any ideas and it would be quite the experience. I’m not sure what they could do with my ideas or where they would fit it in with the rest of their stuff, though they would think of something I’m sure. Not to mention that the Vortigaunts I have envisioned so to speak are a much darker more violent and not to mention tribal race compared to the initial characters.

I’m glad people like these so much, because there is many things yet to happen.

Also, I was finally able to draw out a fair sketch of what a Thoopnik may look like. Finally! :buddy:

this vort is confident :smiley:

Eager young tamer.