Vortigaunt player model, it's possible to make it walk without a weapon?

Hi, I am making a roleplaying server, and I want to add vortigaunts. I found this awesome player models http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=977002 .

The problem is that using the hands of the roleplay gamemode for vortigaunts doesn’t work, because he shown all the time like they are carrying a weapon.

It is possible to solve this problem?

Sorry for my bad English, and thanks for all.

You could possibly use EF_BONEMERGE with the vortigaunts model (bonemerge with a citizen, or some other model able to hold a weapon)

Although I’m not sure if the vortigaunts model is rigged properly for this, You’d need to find out on your own.

Try taking a look at this

Thank you, I will try something with EF_BONEMERGE and I tell you if I success or not.

Bonemerging won’t work. Just tried it myself.