Vortigaunt Swep

Ok so i’m here on behalf of a rp community that is in need of a vortigaunt swep, we already have other things like the healing and the melee so all we need is the lightning attack. And i did go looking for one but all i dug up was broken links or sweps that did not work. :frowning:

It needs a cast time, one hit kill, the vortigaunt casting animation and the effect which can be the tool gun tracer i don’t mind.

I can’t do LUA so i don’t know how hard this will be but if anyone thinks they can make this let me know, thanks in advance.

hmm… idk if this is possible, but what if we take on of those guns that shoot lightning, remove the model and lower the damage substantially (because they are always so over powered)

but idk if you can use a weapon without a model… i will try and see what the effect is

NOKIAMAN’s pill pack has a vortigaunt pill. It’s ok. It has the lightning attack, and it’s probably exactly what you want. Also, when you finish it, release it on garrysmod.org, since it sounds cool.

Yeah i tried that pill but the server admin said it did not work and i can’t find any others. So is it possible and can anyone help?

gexmando if you do try it out tell me how it works, but yeah i think editing a swep is a good option

If he said it ‘didn’t work’, then he knows nothing about lua. Seriously, you just extract the part of the lua that has the lightning attack and use it to your liking, you can’t just take the whole thing and put it into a swep.

I guess he doesn’t know much about it, i’ll speak to him and see if he is capable of that much.

No no, i planned to edit the actual file, not just take out the lighting, only taking so long because i like to ask permission first.

If you guys get anything please say so! Because I’ve started using TacoScript2 on one of my servers, and the Vorts really need an swep like this… I did go searching around in the files of TacoScript2 and I found an swep called “ts2_vortessence” It sounds exactly like what I need, but I can’t spawn it nor find it in game for that matter… I’ve tried making Vorts spawn with the weapon, but it simply doesn’t show up. I have coding for it and everything, it just doesn’t seem to show up in game. Any ideas???

PS: The version of TacoScript2 that I have is off of Facepunch, submitted by Wablur
link- http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=888825