Vortigaunt SWEP

I have searched google/gmod.org/facepunch and only found one SWEP and its link is dead.

So i would like to reqest a Vortigaunt SWEP that does the following:

[li]Zaps[/li][li]Heals others only[/li][li]Cant be spammed (AKA Cant heal infinitely)[/li][/ul]
Please do not use the key R for anything, thank you.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Made this one one year ago,someone didn’t like it.
Anyway,i’m sorry for the secondary fire,it just give battery to yourself.
Also,it should work in multiplayer.
I don’t have time to modify it.
Have fun

Jvs, I found that a ear ago and loved it, I told my friends bout it, then we couldn’t find it anymore. Can you also upload the stalker swep?