Vortigaunts Arrival to Earth.

  • Poor shading.


  • Horrible flatgrass.


  • Ugly shadows(The characters and pros look like they are floating)


  • I totally didn’t stole the News Theme from CNN.


  • Spelling errors in the story(?)(Hopefully none, I spell check so many times)


  • The story sounds so generic, cheesy, etc.(I liked the story but I bet is unoriginal)


I have excuses for all my mistakes, but no one wants to hear excuses right?

Comment and rate people!***

I thought the headline was funny.

I thought that was really neat, good job.

Oh, look! Vin Diesel stole a camera.

Wow nice job on the stitching, I was expecting to see some of those HEV vortigaunts that were just released.

Awesome work!

Nice job!

Make an entire series!

The vortigaunts arrived due to the Black Mesa incident from Xen.

I thought they teleported into black mesa D:

WAIT…wait wait wait wait… WAIT…that vin deisal has his mouth open, the normal vin model doesnt have faceposing, did you edit the model, or the picture?

i like it

I fucking like the first one, if it was higher res I’d background it. Not so fan of the second tho, their neck looks weird. :v:

i recognize the body, its because he deflated their bodies and put them on the agent 47 ragdoll


and the one guy also looks like that method, it appears like the others are hacks, except for deisel

I know, this is a parallel dimension or something. Here Gordon Freeman works at the Night Club Black Mesa.

Unluckily, I edited the picture.

This was part of a comic I wanted to make, but as 90% of my projects it died, but I might make some other poses related to this one.

Thanks for all the comments guys!

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C’mmon, this took me a lot of work! Comment some more!

Wow, I like this alot, the second picture has a really nice compositiion along with the great posing and prop placement.

Really not bad, I like the angle and set-up of the first picture, feels like a scene from a movie or something.

I love how you made the vortigaunt king thing, very clever. I attempted it myself once or twice but you clearly have better props for the job.

Well done.