[VOTE] C4's Stackable ?

Following the thread Making Explosives Fair created by Get_Bodied XD, i would like for people to vote on this matter!

I made the next suggestion:

This solution would also change the way clans plan their raids in different ways.

What are your opinions !?

nooooo! great solution to the problem

They should be stacked to up like five at most.

C4s are OP, with only four you can break into any house

They are already stackable up to 5

Like i said in the original Making explosives fair… its not a bad idea but for NOW i dont think thats is a major issue which needs to be dealt with immediately… i personally think its something that has caught peoples eyes… in other words a game style people dont agree with i.e some guy ruinning round with freaking hundreds of C4 charges apprantly.

but ya i up for making the stackable for up to 3, 5 seems a bit to much cause if it takes 2 charges to break down a metal door then that limits not only the amount raids one person can do but also how he uses it. cause with 5 he can raid 2 houses plus have a spare with 3 its 1 house and one spare… some might say they can have 2 invent slots of 3 well they can have the same with 5 and also if someone is out just to blow shit up then they can have one charge in each slot … it isnt gonna make a difference how u store them as they are gonna be used in anyway or form the player feels he should use them.

But ya
will add more if i remember some more…
but till then

stay awesome and see you later

I don’t think this is a real issue right now. I feel that the focus shouls be on perfecting the game mechanics, animations, bug fixes and adding new content and not so much worrying about things that can be easily changed later

I don’t think this is a great solution. People who have the ability to craft C4 are more than likely in a group so making them non stackable isn’t really a worthwhile solution imo as they just split them between them. (Never seen a guy raiding on his own)

I think that C4 along with some other choice weapons should be very rare and difficult to make. At the moment they aren’t that hard to find or craft. They drop on normal zombies (charges) I think explosives themselves only drop from air drops, which is also slightly unfair because most servers have a few dominant groups which monopolise the drops so you normally have to be very lucky.

Rarer and more expensive what i think.

My base got raided yesterday, by a single guy.


Simple, yet very effective! Good idea Kronix.