Vote for the Server, going up in the serverlist

Once I’ve been thinking if it’s possible to add something like a vote command, which let players vote for the Server, and if they voted the Server goes little bit up in the Server list and like a reward for the vote, they will get pointshop points.
Is it possible to add something like that? And then yes, how?

I’m sorry, what?

You realize server position depends on number of players, I don’t get how a vote would affect this?

I think I slightly understand what he’s saying. Basically a ranking in the gamemode’s servers, but that’s something that should be a suggestion on Github not in Developer Discussion…

Forgive me, I will do it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Dear lord, this boy needs Jesus!

On a serious note, you should not be running a server. That’s the only solution.

Rewards ruin the ENTIRE point of voting. Corruption at it’s finest. If they added something like that, servers like yours should be blacklisted.

This doesn’t go in the developer discussion.