Vote To Kick Opinion

Developers of Rust should add a vote to kick/tempban/tempmute opinion for players. Spammers/hackers like these

will not be a problem anymore.

Edit: They could add it requires 50% of the people online to kick to prevent people kicking each other for killing. Also they can have a system where if you get kicked 3 types you get tempbanned for 30minutes or 10

Probably already planned.


yeah, it’s quite bad atm.

there’s really not a spamming problem dunno what you’re talking about

Or just put a character limit which will come out in next patch so yeah.

Total no spamming problem…not like you’re chat is filled with a bunch of dicks


would probably end up with people votekicking people for killing people.

there already is a character limit for chat messages :v:

cntrl + v is the best hacks ever like omg im so pro i bet u didnt know how 2 do it lol

What’s the point of votekick? They’ll just come back. Plus I can see that getting abused.

I said votekick/tempban/tempmute so instead of kicking they could be tempmuted or something

Won’t be so bad when they disable global chat and implement local chat and VOIP.

Votekick: Streamers, clans getting raided etc can do votekicks on people annoying them and have tons of people back it because well obviously they’re tons.

Well this idea was meant for mature people who don’t whine when being killed and stuff like that.

You obviously haven’t been playing lately, because it is NON-STOP spam by like 4 different guys

Even maybe a cool down too, problem solved. No bullshit vote kicking that can be abused.

Cooldowns might work in ~HARDCORE HL2 ROLPLA NO OOC ALLOUD~ but in Rust that kind of defeats the purpose.

Unless the cooldown is 1 second or less you’re effectively annoying the piss out of everyone involved.

A character limit and a 1 second cooldown is probably the best thing to do. and disable HTML in chat altogether.