Votegag and Votemute

Does anyone know how to make a script for ulx that will make a vote and gag if more yes then no. Like votekick abd voteban

Why don’t you people read the sticky.

Im not looking for a coder to make this. Read OP

Seeing as you just edited the post from “can anyone make a…” into “does anyone know how to make…”


No i did not? I just made it easier to understand what i wanted

Post it on coderhire for a buck, someone will make it just for the good rating. I’ve had excellent results with them.

What you could do, is take a look at mute and vote plugins and then see if you can work from there.

Yeah but im busy coding my own TTT Weapon and HUD. Im gonna look at it in weekend. If im suceed coding it i will post it,here

You act like its an extremely hard thing to do? If you are coding a HUD you could take a few minutes to throw together a few ulx commands together.

I’ll be happy to do it, but I’m on my iPad ATM. I’ll do it when I get home.