!Votehuggles @?

I play a mod called zombie master and in one of the servers theres a voting system called votehuggles where each round players can nominate a player to recieve 100 health extra.

I wanted to re-create the script but have no clue about it.

So how would i create a script where any player can say “!votehuggles @me” to nominate themselves or “!votehuggles <name>” for someone else and if they get more yeses than no’s then they recieve 100 health… could anyone do that for me? i know it’s only like 5 mins coding but i have no idea how it works :frowning:


This Is GarrysMod Lua.

Exactly, he wants to re-create it for Gmod … I guess.

No, he have posted in another thread too, he acually want to use the garrysmod lua to create stuff for his Zombie Master Server (The Mod). :goleft:

That’s not even possible is it?

Its not possible

You should be asking here:

Lua doesn’t run in Zombie Master 1.2.1.

What he said is he wanted a script from zombie master mod to gmod lua Damn people how hard is it geez.

It’s the way he explained it, but obviously you have a translator, mind sharing?

Rofl, why would i need a translator for? +boxed

The irony.

Anyway, we can’t actually tell if he wants this remade for gmod or if he wants the script remade for another mod using lua because of the way he has worded his request.

I guess it’s lua since this is facepunch and it’s Lua Script Request. :hurr: :irony:

Stop being a dick.

I guess you just used the “irony” emoticon because you don’t know what it means but you saw someone else say it so you think it makes you look smart.


You troll…




Oh God, One stupid person posted something stupid wich lead to this?

I Love Facepunch.