Voting: worst map comp

I had a typo in poll, if someone could change f to “laserpanda with rp_shit” otherwise, laserpands is f

we have many contestants for this (to much) and it really show how , many people want their maps to be heard, i only pick the finest of the bunch.

new remember when judging them its not which has most eye rape but which looks most annoying to traverses or gets a awful feel to it.

3kliksphilip with de_Pants

LightningX151 with Spinners_of_doom

Superkipje with Zombie_blegh

or laserpanda with rp_shit


:saddowns: I spnt like 90000000000 ninyts in mah map D:D:D:D:D:D:


I just had to go with spinners of doom.

lol im sorry i didnt bother to download it and look at it lol, i just wanted a pic for screenshots

tau X doesn’t seem fit to be able to judge any competition.

na man
out of the bunch that once is the best.

de_pants for me

lol i didn’t see it until he mentioned it, i was just scrolling through the thread looking for pics of maps then look more closely

You may want to remove 3kliksphillip from your list or he may find this thread and start having aneurysms, seizures and fall into convulsions from people doing anything but praising his work.

But as for which map is the worst, I can’t decide because they all make my eyes bleed.

But then we can say he won the contest!

(worst map contest)

Rp_shit doesn’t get my vote because the description of it actually made me burst out laughing.

Spinners_of_doom actually contains some basic entity use so is only shitty brushwork.

De_pants doesn’t get my vote because everyone else will be voting for it out of principle.

Which means my vote goes to Zombie_blegh because it has everything a bad map should have: extremely blocky brushwork, zero entity use other than npcs and weapons, terrible lighting and a sense that the author felt it was really something epic when they were building it. So good(?) job Superkipje, for your map (by my standards) is horrible.

This competition was poorly executed. You didn’t leave enough time for people to work on their entries and as a result, you only got 4 (really terrible) entries. I have a half-finished map with some of the model and entity work done, but didn’t have time to flesh it out and add depth to it all.

For this competition that’s a good thing. :downs:

Another vote for func_breakable_cat.

well i dint really know a good time for a deadline and i figured a week would of been long enough to make a map like this

Spinners of Doom are my choice.

No it’s not. The short deadline meant that the only entries were clusterfuck designs with no aim whatsoever.
2-3 weeks would’ve been much better and probably would have a lot more planned-out maps designed to frustrate and confuse players.

all right at least i know that for the future