Voyager 2 - Welcome Aboard, Commander.

If you missed the first one…

Yeah I know the SHEFing is really bright but the map is fullbright and I just don’t care anymore askfnakgdhgsfhdsghdfsh.

Anyway, the “one thread with mini installments” idea obviously didn’t work out because no one is posting and bumping, so I’m holding you all responsible while I post up this second thread. Expect a more conventional format in that respect. Anyway, here’s number 2… take it for what it is. Click the picture for sexy, HD full size. Or don’t, if you like straining your eyes to read impossibly small text.

And yes, those last couple of frames have some extremely lazy and sloppy posing.


I’m not too crazy about the fullbright sections, but it’s interesting to see characters and sets that I have a pre-determined idea on play out as as completely different.

I should really move the space sections into flatgrass or something and just have to live with having to use my lasso tool to cut them out and insert them into space sections.

Also, space battles are going to be a real bitch to photosohp.

try a spacebuild map with good lighting, far enough away from any planets to not get any interference on the reflective surfaces. Another tip I’d suggest is welding the ship to one of the walls of the map.

Yeah, posing was practically impossible until I worked out to do that.