Voyager causes trouble..

Never got around to posting…

‘Behind the scenes’ Bridge View

i pick the idea but:
No poses
*No faceposes
*No Effects

*–> Cause its not much necessary on this photo, the effect if your know about PS4 i guess its very good!
The poses can be more detailed but nice try

Poor posing and flame spam…


It would of had been best if you didnt post this then if you forgot about it… Its horrible. No offense.

kk thanks, I’ll just go back to lurking.

Sorry if my entire life doesn’t revolve around perfecting pictures from a game in the few hours I’m not at work -_-

Way to go with constructive criticism, my man!

You are practically telling him to piss off because he’s doesn’t handle everything yet.
And you actually edited your post to add that in? As if it wasn’t enough.

Well mate, when you are actually no better in posing n’ stuff (when you make pretty horrible crap yourself), don’t say something like that.
It’s just stupid and pointless.

I wouldn’t give up Grizz, you’re sure to get better. Also, keep in mind, only some people seem to react violently whenever they see something with a hint of Star Trek in it, not everyone. I liked the overall idea myself…seeing a ship doing a strafing run over a city is always cool.