Voyager crash lands into the water during heavy wind.[/media]

Original Picture for people who wish to try and edit it them selves.

C&C ect please…

PS: Thread Music!


Werid choice I know but it fits the theme of this thread.

i tried to edit myself once

nice screenshot, wierd editing though

nice to see someone using apwns star trek ships good work

Thanks for the feed back.

Don’t ever use that explosion effect. It’s fucking horrible. Use dynamite effects or edit in photoshop or gimp.

Pic is also pretty boring.

Says the guy who makes comics…

Actually I think the unedited pic is better :slight_smile:

I don’t really get what that horizontal motion blur is supposed to be, that combined with the default explosion effect makes it look uglier than it is without them.

All an all, it doesn’t really look like you put much effort into this.

As the guy before me said.

The blur is really horrible and it isn’t helped by those god-awful explosion effects.

What has that got to do with anything?

Good god, wind effect!?

Funny though I did the same the first time I tried to make motion blur.

He can’t take criticism.

That doesn’t even look like its crash landing, or even trying to ditch.

Which is kind of weird considering the way he himself gives criticism.

I can take criticism rather well and give it back rather strong. But not when i’ve stayed up for like two or three hours past the time i’m meant to go to sleep.

What? Ahahahaha!

No, seriously. What the hell?

Is someone forcing you to read criticism directed to you and give shit criticism to others two or three hours past your bedtime?

No, its just that I dont go to sleep when I need to…

:cop: What a bad boy!

Also, please take more time then just a prop with explosion effects and wind filter.

And listen to these guys. Its worth it and they are trying to help.