Not sure if this is even worthy of a thread, but here goes…

It started out considerably brighter and quite colourful, but that didn’t look right to me. This sort of does, I guess.

I was expecting something with a big spaceship.

I’m liking the shading on the clothes again. Her face looks 2D in comparison though - it’s so flat and midtoned.

Other than the contrast being a bit too low in my opinion, nice.


Her face looks kinda… off, to me. I think it’s the angle, but I can’t really put my finger on what it is that’s wrong. Anyway, this is pretty nice, but the dark makes it hard to make out details (this is actually more than likely my shitty monitor’s fault, it’s dark as fuck and has horrible contrast, it’s probably find on decent screens).

Red crosses is my advice :3

Yep, and they give it a Schindler’s List sort of feel, which is pretty appropriate for HL2 I think.

Also, her face looks flat because it basically is. The lighting lit everything else normally, but her whole face brightened up like it was on fullbright. I might try fixing it later, I would’ve done so before posting but my attempts to edit facial lighting usually end in disaster.

I always liked the Dark-ish themes were colors like red stand out. Nice posing too.

dat noir, dawg.

Too dark.

Kind of looks like a drawing. A good drawing.

Doesn’t appeal to me much, I never really liked vintage-ified screenshots to be honest. Got the original on it though?

What ever you did, it’s really odd looking. Her shirt looks 3D because of the shadows and her gun looks somewhat 3D. But then there odd points where the picture is going from 2D to 3D. I mean, her head looks like it was taken out of a Medieval painting or cave drawing or something. The water looks like a flat blob above an original picture of waterless canal (Dunno if you tried to enhance the water ripples or something).


Might fix some of the lighting inconsistencies this afternoon

Girl’s face looks like old 2D painting while the other parts are 3D.
Personality, I like it.


Shaded the face. Better? Worse? Hit me.


Oh and for the curious, this is what it used to look like before I went with the B&W (and then Schindler’s List) style, except I went back and redid the shading here too:


Bed for me, laters all