VPGamers | Recruitment | 18+

VPGamers is a gaming community that has been around since 2000 that just recently started to rebuild our community population. We currently have open recruitment for people ages 18+, and will be getting our own Rust server here in the very near future. We also play other games as well, so come join us at the link below.


VPGamers will be getting their own server tonight. Please head over to the website


Can you pm me the server addy? I might be interested but want to check the server performance out first.

Please join the forums for the server address


Check out our Server via our forums!! www.vpgamers.com - we ALSO Stream events frequently!!

Amount of players that your community has?
Amount of Rust Community members?

Would like to actually get some information instead of clicking on random links 'n stuff.

New Community, and trying to build it


Sorry if come off offensive, but I’m more interested about the server than the community.
What mods are you guys running, if any, on the server?

1/2 craft
starter kit
home teleport

you can also head over to www.vpgamers.com, and log into the forums and see whats been updated to the server