Vphysic error and no weapon bar in perp ?

Hey fp, i finaly Got my perp 3.0 server up and running. Everything Excelp the models and weapon bar.

When i start up my server ip pups up with a lot of errors about ‘SOLID_VPHYSICS static prop with no vphysics model!’. I Can Walk through doorn and when i spawn cars they Fall through the road.

Also i have a problem with the weapon bar, i cant see my weapons / Keys and i cant hear any Sound when i scroll, but when i press 1 - 9 i Can hear the Weapon change Sound ?

I know Theis problem probably are caused my missing content, so if any one know wher i Can get a working content Pack i would be very happy :slight_smile:

This is Facepunch, where we don’t assist with illegal gamemodes. Go to Dark RP. :slight_smile: