vphysics crashs the server

Why does vphysics.so crash my server? I downloaded it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/759758/vphysics.zip .
Now i get sometimes crashes by using propellers:

188(102.299486):  models/props_phx/misc/propeller2x_small.mdl (2) at nan nan nan in contact with models/props_phx/misc/propeller2x_small.mdl (2) at -nan -nan -nan, crash. dist = -1, minq = 99999999999999997704951326524533662844684271992415000612999597473199345218078991130326129448151154688.000000
187(102.294104):  Ignoring bogus angles (nan,nan,180.000000) from vphysics! (entity phx_propeller)

310(16034.230720):  Ignoring bogus angles (nan,nan,180.000000) from vphysics! (entity phx_propeller)
309(15929.060592):  Client "[ŤΩK'Rλ] Æ?TockraÆ? | Tim" connected (

275(516.105902):  Ignoring bogus angles (-nan,nan,180.000000) from vphysics! (entity prop_physics)
274(395.212197):  -)BDB(-TheDeath* :) spawned model models/hunter/plates/plate3x8.mdl

803(27426.113701):  models/XQM/jetwing2sizable.mdl (2) at nan nan nan in contact with models/XQM/jetbody2huge.mdl (2) at nan nan nan, crash. dist = -1, minq = 99999999999999997704951326524533662844684271992415000612999597473199345218078991130326129448151154688.000000
802(27426.080190):  Ignoring bogus angles (nan,nan,180.000000) from vphysics! (entity gmod_thruster)

vphysics is a part of every source game… what did you download?

If i use the default vphysics, my game will crash everytime when i spawn a vehicle, because that i downloaded the vphysics, which i found in the wiki/forum
(Im using Linux as server)

Vehicles crash linux, and vphysics comes by default, you don’t need to download it from anywhere but the HLDSUpdateTool repository. It’s been like that for over 9 months now, not much you can do besides download the outdated vphysics.so’s posted around the forum, they temporarily fix it.

Why is it outdated, when it fixxs this bug?

And read you my post? I said i hasn’t got the crash problem with the vehicles because i used the other vphysics.so

Someone also said that this lags servers

How do you mean?

PS: Where can i get a running vphysics?

I hosted it on my website for my and others’ needs:

Thanks it runs better, then my other but now get i this:

  1. http://pastebin.com/DMp2Gs36
  2. http://pastebin.com/diD0LV5A