VPK Files For L4D2!!!!

Please make these files for Left 4 Dead 2 in a format “.vpk”:

Please on http://filesmelt.com

Please guys!

You do it. Just make an info file for each one and put them in the VPK creator.

What is VPK creator?
Where i can get it?

It’s in the L4D Authoring Tools.

You don’t even need the Authoring Tools. It’s in the files.

Hey guys please make it,i’m in this as pease of sh*t rules country!!!))))

I’m sorry, what?

I understand it as well as the piece of shit rules the country!*

Alex, you are making NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. What does the government of your country have to do with this?

Nothing. He’s trying to make excuses.

Anyone can help me?!

He want everything handed to him :v: That his excuse.