.VPK format reskin into Source Filmmaker?

So yeah, I’m trying to get a reskin from .vpk format into Source Filmmaker (already unpacked with GCFScape and pasted resulting materials folder in necessary directory) but so far the reskin isn’t working and just showing the original model. Any idea what to do?

Are you trying to replace textures? What model is it?

I was trying to replace Nick’s textures but they weren’t playing ball.

I found this hex but it crashes SFM before you can even spawn the model.

Any ideas? I need this model for a project.

If by hex you mean someone messed with the .mdl in a hex editor, then it probably needs to be unhexed or better yet completely recompiled.

I have a dentist appointment followed by university tomorrow, but I should have a bit of time to look into this for you.

Greatly appreciated, thanks!

I don’t suppose this is something I could try and remedy myself?

You can actually. Decompile the model with Crowbar then recompile it using SFM’s studiomdl.

I’ll give that a go, I’m not counting on being lucky though since compiling always fucks up for me.

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Is SFM’s Studiomdl something I have to download?

should be in “SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\bin”

Neat, cheers.

How do I actually use the StudioMDL for SFM? I open it but it just flashes a .cmd box and closes.

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Oh Crowbar has SFM compiling, and that’s fixed it. Cheers boys!