VPR/InsCraft/NFD/Oxide/Economy/Doorshare/Remove Tool/Kits/Sleepers

hey people. VPR rust is a new server. we want to make it big. we have active admins. doorshare. working economy. friendly people. sleepers. remove tool (remove tool abuse will be instant ban!) and we are daily updating to also get people starter kits. the starter kits will be given out manually for now till we fix the starter kit. so if u like a non abusing and fun server. u just gotta check out our server.

TO join : net.connect

Iv been playing this server for around 2 days, and it has cool admins and great community.
Oxide works, kits and other stuff will be updating all the time.
All together a great server.

I’m an admin on the VPR server and i dedicate myself to being fair and courteous to everyone that joins the server. The admins on this server and I will fully investigate any accusations of hacks. We support skilled players and will not go out of the way to find a reason to ban you just because you are a fine shot as some other server’s admins will.