VPROJECT fuckup & unuseable game + tools

A while ago, I moved my Steam install from C:\Program Files\Steam to G:\Steam by uninstalling it & re-installing it in its new location. In the process, I merged the new Steam install with my old G:\Steamlibrary by copying the G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps into the new G:\Steam\steamapps. Afterwards, I validated all game files, and after Steam reacquired some files, everything seemed to work. The only issue that surfaced was that HLMV always failed to start due to not finding a gameinfo.txt, but since I rarely use HLMV, I didn’t pay much attention to that.

Recently, I found that something had completely erased my PATH environment variable. While fixing this by writing all I remembered back into PATH, I found that the VPROJECT variable was still set to the old G:\SteamLibrary path (that had, as I found, been created again by Source Filmmaker). Hoping to fix my HLMV problem, I changed the VPROJECT variable to G:\Steam\steamapps\common\half life 2\hl2 (since I mainly work with HL2 at the moment).

When I launched Hammer & Episode 2 today, everything was missing. Well, textures weren’t, but Hammer only showed ERROR models and Ep2 was missing models, skyboxes and about everything, resulting in a black sky, graphic errors resemblant of leaks, and many more problems.

This is getting increasingly annoying. For the past two years, I’ve had more problems with Source’s fucked up tools than times the tools actually worked. I really hope someone knows a fix for this, as I’m getting increasingly frustrated. Also, I’m mapping for a contest right now, and I’ll be really pissed if this problem is gonna keep me from participating.

Increasingly desperate,


P.S: I validated hl2, ep1 & ep2 files, Steam says they’re ok.

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Ok, so I changed “Half-Life 2” to a lowercase “half-life 2” in VPROJECT and now Hammer works again, but the SFM HLMV still complains it can’t find gameinfo.txt even though it’s exactly where it ought to be.

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I clicked SFM’s button “reset game configurations”, and I think that messed with VPROJECT once more (ep2 hammer now complains that SFM/usermod is an invalid VPROECT") but at the time being, everything seems to work for now. Any more traps I might walk into that come with moving the Steam install?

Go to gameconfig.txt in your hammer directory and change the file paths to be that of your new install directory.

They’re all set to the new install directory, that was the first thing I took care of after checking if all my games & tools still worked.

Try copy pasting gameinfo.txt into your bin folder.

Also, since steampipe Episode 2 has made its home in Half-life 2’s folder. So make sure your episode 2 config points to Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\ep2