VPS/host suggestiojs

So i’m wondering what would be a good host/vps plan for a gmod server with around 60 players on daily, isn’t over $80 a month, and has enough to support said gmod server but still has room for other things(other small server, other programs, ftp/ssh servers, etc.

Basically it doesn’t matter if the VPS has more than 1 core, but it’d be better if said cores were good cores that can handle a lot since gmod is single-threaded.
and of course, somewhat decent ddos protection

(I’ve already checked nfo off the list. Their VPS’s aren’t bad for the price but they;re not enough to handle our server because of the weak cores.

I’d go for a dedicated box if you plan on having that many players. If you’re insistent on getting a VPS, RamNode is my provider of choice.

Only problem with a dedi is obviously it’s expensive and we do have the money, but only for a month or two.
Though i will take suggestions for dedi plans.

If you’re looking to use a VPS where you install and operate all of the server software on your own, you won’t need to spend 80$ a month for one 60 player server, not nearly. I don’t know how much *actual *DDOS protection costs though, so it may be worth it to you to pay a lot more.

I’ve heard great things about https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/ where 80$ appears to give you all you could possibly want (minus DDOS protection). It says the overage fee for bandwidth is 2cents/GB, but that’s 20$/TB and a DDOS attack could wreck you unless you set up something to automatically have your server traffic stopped in such an event.

I host my personal filedump for a dirt cheap 6$ at bluevm, with 4TB band, 60GB storage (non-SSD), quad-core 3GB ram. I would not recommend them for server hosting, though. You get what you pay for, and bluevm has problems with going offline and has zero tech support.

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I think you’d be fine using the digitalocean 20$/month plan, except that I’m unsure about having only 2GB of RAM for it.

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http://danielgibbs.co.uk/lgsm/gmodserver/ super useful; this tool can install, update, and auto-restart gmod servers on linux

Hey - not been on here in a while so though id help a few folk out, to be honest getting a dedi is overkill for a 60 player gmod server…we are currently running a box with Rust, Minecraft, Warband, CS:S and TS3 with MusicBot - and up to just, it hasnt toppled. But thats because it is a box - which is not by any means cheap to run - especially if running on a Windows based server.

But we have hosted with these guys for a while now and they are faultless and up to just 100% uptime.

They do gameservers too a 60 slot GMod server on there is £27 / m

http://arcticservers.co.uk/game_servers.html is the link - if you note BlackForestGaming in the order ill see if he can do you a deal.


Just had confirmation from the host and has set up a promo code for us.

Promo code BFG takes 25% off for each month FOREVER - for all excpet dedi servers