VPS Host

I was wondering if this was a good vps hosting plan. Can anyone give me an idea of how many playerslots i can have with this?



If you’re going to use it for just a game server, you might as well just go with a dedicated server rather than a VPS.

What do you mean by dedicated. Is it cheaper? I don’t want a Cpanel.

Dedicated servers are in the hundreds of dollars range. It’s definitely not for everybody. VPSes are usually considered to be low end. If you want to actually push past 40 players then I would highly discourage a VPS.

I used the wrong term, my bad, I meant rent a server from a company that is dedicated to hosting game servers.

A VPS is a shared server, a dedicated server is a “completely” own server, fully dedicated to you, so it runs better.

That does make a lot more sense. A VPS price wise is very cheap compared to a whole dedicated machine.

It also just happens that we provide dedicated resources with our GMod servers :]

It was early in the morning, I had been awake for like, 30 minutes. Can’t blame me for being stupid then.

Any ideas? As many as possible please.

What exactly are you asking? A VPS is a terrible idea for performance. You would only be hurting yourself in the long run.

Has anyone actually benchmarked a GMod server instance on a VPS vs. one on a dedicated server?

If you’re with a decent host and have appropriate resources, you shouldn’t notice any real difference.

Didn’t benchmark but till now any VPS I tried didn’t manage to run GMod fluently (as in server-side lag). I can imagine that you’ll need special configuration for that to work at all.
But I’ve found some dedicated that cost around $40/month that can run a decent server.

Digital Ocean offers a nice service. I use them for my TF2 server and it performs well. If it’s strong enough to handle Gmod smoothly I don’t know.

lol I run 2 gmod servers on a 8GB ram vps very fine, no lags at all, both TTT. the only “lag” is putty itself when I need to use it, then its slow, but overall the server is fine, I also run a TS3 server & a webserver on it.

How many add-ons and player slots though

Most if not all VPSes use low end Xeon E5 CPUs to maximize profit and minimize performance for the end user (for single threaded applications). Our dedicated machines at least are clocked to hold four 100 slot GMod servers with a heavy setup. With a VPS, you would be lucky if you can push 45.

While a VPS may seem very appealing especially with the dirt cheap price tag, you are lacking everything including any decent performance and DDoS protection / reliability. It seems to be that you are really looking around the disadvantages of a VPS.

It is certainly not recommended in any situation except for perhaps if you wanted to run many very small GMod servers. Even then though, it would not be considered reliable. You would not be doing yourself and your players a favor.

If you want a very cheap and reliable solution then look at our dedicated resource based GMod server hosting. Any shared game server host can simply overload as much as they feel fit and also give unreliability. Your only other choice is a dedicated machine which is most likely not for you.

Wrong, our 2x 32 Gmod servers on the VPS run pretty fine + the Anti-DDoS is also good as I mentioned to you in the other thread, I never had any problems running gmod on a VPS. Starts well, functions well, runs smooth.

As I tried saying earlier, if you wanted to run very small GMod servers then you would be fine. I assume that this user you wanted to push at least 50 players, not 32 players per server. If the user wanted to only push 32 then he would be fine in most cases.

I personally wouldn’t trust VPS hosts since you could have a random kid on the same node do stupid stuff and eat up the network usage or cause issues but it’s your call. That’s just me though. I personally have no insight into this then as this is all “low end” territory in terms of performance.

Most VPS providers who don’t use absolute crap hardware should be able to fit his needs if it’s within 32 player slots.

ertug20 do you work for a company or what company are you talking about

I am the CEO of GMCHosting.