VPS questions about servers and webhosting

Hi, I am currently using hostgator and a game server (not ded)

I am new to VPS…

Like the best os? good ram?
and stuff like that

I am wondering if I can save money by getting a cheap VPS for a gmod server and/or webhosting.

Hostgator is really limiting me on what i can do since i am on shared.

The main goal of switching is to get my fast dl working on my webhost
I am unable to do symlinking because my server doesnt support fast dl, and i cant do a apache rewrite because of hostgator shared

Any good hosts you know in here http://www.lowendbox.com/tag/dallas/

I was thinking of going with http://www.flipperhost.com

If it wasn’t because they’re sold out… I would suggest WhiteLabelHosting.info
They’re running startup offers at the moment, so they’re very cheap.

I personally prefer running Linux - but if CERTAIN DEVELOPERS knew that there is a difference between A and a, it would also work… Since they don’t, the srcds for Linux keeps crashing whenever people spawn a Jeep/Jalopy… This glitch has remained unfixed since December 2010.
However Windows is always more expensive it is easier to administrate and tolerates code from even the worst loser devs ever.

If you can, you should also make sure to buy a XEN VPS as those are more stable (Because they rely on SWAP instead of Burst memory)

Whether you save money on it or not, depends on the amount of servers you want to host - and if you need any other services hosted…
Expect this from 512 MB of RAM: 1 x SRCDS + MySQL + Apache/PHP (Web) + BNC + FTP
1GB should be able to handle 2 or 3 SRCDS… It also depends on the slots you choose, I’m running 2 servers on mine with 14 slots each. They take about 400 MB of RAM (But they allocate a lot more)

Many ordinary gameserver providers also offer fastdl if you ask them :slight_smile:
Also make sure you get a server in your own region…

EDIT: If you have any additional questions you can just throw me a PM, Steam message or whatever… Not XFire though, I’m not using it anymore :smiley:

I recommend fanaticalvps.com

You should use Ubuntu for hosting srcds for gmod. Other distros are less supported. The average GMod server uses 360mb to 1.2gb RAM. This is dependant on how many models are in use, not on how many players are active.

give your reviews…

i am looking for a good with enough ram

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and bandwidth

I have a server with 512MB ram and its running debian. It sits around 200MB’s empty. I talked to one of my server host buddies and he said that its about +10mb per player.

With that, you can most likely get a 512MB vps and host about 20-30 people on it. And yes, fanaticalvps is about the best you can get.

they arent in the US

you could try trustvps they are very cheap but sometimes randomly went down when I had one about a month ago

i recomend going to volumedrive get cheaper alot cheaper

good for running a 30 slot server?
or a 16?
with limited bandwidth though :frowning:

Debian is Ubuntu with less additions, so my point is still quite accurate. Your ‘server host buddy’ is entirely wrong. RAM usage barely differs (at all) on the number of players. It is more related to the number of models present in the map (they’re cached)

so what does everyone suggest

in the Us please and enough to run a gmod server

Notice I said “about”. And seeing as he has been a server provider for quite some time, and has owned his own Garry’s Mod server before I wouldn’t doubt him.

Its a rough estimate, and its fairly dead on. My VPS is currently using 275MB ram, and there is 8 people on. Seeing as it sits at about 10mb without srcds and 210mb with srcds, he was fairly dead on.

I am aware it changes depending on entities and models, ect.


come on

Go with Xenon, they’re the best!


The first is a server with a lot of models. It currently has 7 people playing.
The second and third have less models, but are currently both empty. When both are full (32 , 36) players, their memory usage isn’t significantly higher - (Dependant on current map and such of course).

I don’t know who your guy is, but anyone and their dog can be a server provider. I’ve run GMod servers for years (admittedly on Windows, not Linux) and I have not once noticed what he claims. Things may have changed after Valve optimised srcds - I have noticed my memory usages have halved and CPU usages have dropped.

I’m not saying you are wrong, I am saying that its just something for him to go on.

ReThinkVPS.com are good for US servers. Contact them for a deal :slight_smile:

anyone else?

i want your reviews of running a gmod server

Anyone have any other good hosts?

I have one running on a host but I am not sure I want to give it to you, as that gives a chance that I will have to share a CPU with you. That is most likely the same reason other people didn’t recommend any either…