VPS server hosting?

I really want a vps but i dont really know if a gameserver is better, can anyone please provide how many slots this vps can hold?
Windows 2008
1GB Ram
25GB SSD storage
I’ll try and find out more information if needed.

1 CPU? I assume you mean one core. Depending on the speed of that core probably 1 or 2 if they are small. Also in my opinion Windows 2008 is a colossal waste of resources on such a small server.

what type of cpu? What allocation does the VPS have? (2Ghz?)

Its one core, and 1ghz, i can choose Centos 6.4 too if thats better.

Edit: dosn’t realy say which cpu it is.

I have 1 core @ 3.3Ghz and 1GB of ram and it can hold one 15 player gmod server, so don’t expect much.

Ask the host.

1Ghz isn’t much if you are talking about gmod. My guess is you will run into a CPU wall very quickly.

Did some more reaserch think im going for Elpis Host