VPS suggestions, requirements?

Hello everybody. I run a fairly popular GMod server at the moment, reaching 32 players maximum pretty much daily. It’s a very CPU intensive gamemode, dealing with LOTS of entities. Let’s say an average of 30 entities per player, if not more. It is currently hosted on a game server provider, which I feel is restricting maximum performance on my server. I am looking to switch to a VPS, but I do not know much about it, in terms of minimum requirements, recommendations for good reliable VPS, etc. I would like to think in terms of growth, i.e I plan to start at least 2 new servers in the next 6 months. Can anybody give me some advice?

If I were you I would go with NFO they have really good VPS’ and their support is godly.

If the entities you mentioned are using lots of vphysics, you’ll want to stick with windows boxes for the best performance. I would recommend going with an MC-32 windows box from OVH. It’s pricey, but you’ll get the best performance out of the server in my experience running intensive build servers. You can also easily run a few garrysmod servers on it.

Make sure your server has good ddos protection, I’ve been suspended from 8 hosts in total in Australia. You’re going to get attacked.

Make sure your provider doesn’t oversell hardware. While Nfoservers, Vultr are considered good - they still oversell.

Consider not getting a VPS as your performance will be variable depending on load. I’ve yet to be given truly dedicated physical cores.

What’s your price range?

I’ve had better results on Linux with gmod HPS.

I’ve been looking at NFO, Linode, etc, they are all quite pricy. I was trying to snag something for $50 or less that would be reliable.

I’ve never had a problem with NFO overselling in the 8 years I’ve been with them.

NFOServers is fantastic if you are hosting anything besides DarkRP. Their system would automatically restart our server if the CPU usage was over a certain percent for 5 minutes or so. If I have a project come up now that’s DarkRP based, I go to GMCHosting instead now.

I’ve sent an offer to your inbox. We own a rack of liquid-cooler, overclocked machines - in a datacenter located in Dallas TX.

Although we usually do high-performance games such as - 80 slot, increased tick Squad server. 24 slot, increased tick NS2 servers. Etc.

I’ve tried out these guys before and they did just fine on a high physics based gamemode. My only problem with them is the lack of datacenters and limited bandwidth.

I was thinking about going with an NFO vps at one point since my experiences with NFO managed servers were really well, but they won’t tell you what the clock speed of your server CPU will be, even after submitting a support ticket asking what I’d be paying for. They just said “Intel Sandy Bridge or better”.

As far as requirements go, you’ll want 2 cores and 2 threads per server on the machine. Srcds doesn’t use more than that if I recall correctly.

Sure it does. It’s a well threaded game, and has been for quite some time.

If you use Linux, use this command:
ps -p **PID **-L -o pid,tid,psr,pcpu

Replace PID with the process ID and you’ll see how many threads the game uses, which CPU they’re assigned to and the CPU usage.

If you want a cheap but solid VPS host, I suggest Strato.
Let it be known that their customer is … well non existing.

Like others above me already told you, you don’t need a high tier VPS to run things smoothly.

Hope you find what you are looking for!

One warning though, I emailed NFOservers pretty recently about their VPSes and they told me that they do run different hardware from what they run their dedicated game servers on, and that they will have less single-core performance.

Why do you specifically want a VPS op? Most VPS providers are going to be like this, they buy CPUs with higher core counts but lower per-core performance, because it allows them to keep prices low and is just fine for what people typically use cheap VPS servers for.

You seem to be seeking more performance; which isn’t what a VPS is for. You buy a VPS specifically because you want more control and responsibility, not performance.