VPS vs. GSP?

Do you think it is better to get a VPS for around $30 and run srcds off it, or get a server from a game server provider for around $30?

get a vps for $8 and run a server off it.

VPS because your GSP could be overloading their boxes

I use Brohoster, and I am almost positive they don’t overload their boxes. I get great ping with them and everything, but would like to have complete control over my server.

The VPS host could be doing the same…

I can tell you right now that we don’t overload our boxes.

most vps providers overload boxes so look at reviews because they probably wont handle more than six players


Can you set up a server properly? (VPS)
Do you know nothing about SRCDS? (GSP)

Meh, I used UKGame back in 2008-2009 and I use it today for a 12 slot dev server.
I’ve heard that UKGame overloads their boxes, but I have never experienced any problems with them.

Key point.

If you know what you are doing then go with a VPS there are many out there that will meet your needsfor an affordable price

If you get a vps you will probably need a considerably more expensive one to run as well as a gsp.

UKGame were good 2-3 years ago, never had any problem when I hosted with them, though the last year I’ve heard many complaints by people hosting with them.
Anyway you’re better off with a VPS if you know what you’re doing about servers and so on, it gives you more control about your stuff.

A 256mb VPS could easily run a 28 slot server. So that’s $10 a month. I’m going to install a GMod server on my $8 a quarter VPS as part of a little experiment - see how many players it can hold.

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Note that a 256mb VPS is probably going to have a very low CPU allocation too. This server is currently using 31% of an 8 core 3.2GHz CPU…


Is that your answer to being proved wrong?