VPS: Will a 3 core work for my needs?

I am returning to running gmod servers again. I am looking to run a casual 32 slot DarkRP Server, maybe 2 of them along with 1-2 Murder Servers and a donation website. Will a 3 core VPS meet good anti-lag servers? I read it will be on the low end for large/busy servers but I don’t know if 32 is considered large. Do you think it would affect the performance, or should I just get around a 4-6 core VPS? Feel free to leave any comments to help! Thanks

SRCDS is single-threaded. It won’t use more than one core for all calculations. Nevertheless it still may be useful to have 2nd core because networking DOES have its own thread although it doesn’t produce much load. Anything more than 2 cores won’t do anything, basically what matters here is CPU frequency.

Alright thanks! I assume I will rent a cheap 2 core then! Also for some reason 32 slot single servers non- VPS cost around $40 monthly? Do you know why that is rather than a 29.99 VPS monthly that can host 4-5 servers?

Just to clarify, 2 cores is nominal for ONE server. Since you stated you want more than one on same machine then recommended number of cores is N+1 where N is number of servers you want to run. Also when running multiple servers you’d probably want to manually assign CPU cores to each SRCDS instance so they don’t accidentally overlap and kill their performance.