I am looking for a cheap VPS service to host stuff… including gmod servers


I heard their customer service can be pretty bad. I myself don’t have any personal experience with burst.net but just want to warn you. They may have changed, I’m not sure. Just look into them before giving them your money.

Also, hosting a Garry’s Mod (or any game server, really) on a VPS isn’t such a great idea.

This pretty much sums up why you shouldn’t do so:

I’m aware that the post is from 2006, but even with a super high end box, splitting it up and sharing the resources with several other people won’t make for a very good server. You might get away with a small server (maybe 8 slots), but I would recommend just renting a Garry’s Mod server.



Don’t use them, known the owner for years though. Cool guy.

Fanatical’s boxes are hosted in Germany. While this really isn’t an issue if you are running a web server on it (or the like), it is an issue for servers that are latency dependent. If you are located in Europe, this isn’t a big deal since your latency won’t be that bad. However, if you are located in the US, you will notice pings well over 100ms. This makes for a rather unpleasant gaming experience. Great service nonetheless.

I use x10vps for my VPS. They’re unmanaged and only run linux at the moment, but from my experiences, the source servers work mostly fine under linux :v:

Warn me? I know they’re bad. But for $5 your not going to find much better.

Actually their customer service response times are generally within 30 minutes. But yeah, I’m not a big fan of burst either.

The only thing that really holds back a VPS from hosting Garry’s Mod is the ram. I run a 12 slot build on my VPS with my website and I sometimes have to restart srcds when ram usage gets to high but other than that the server runs amazingly. It is always between 300 and 400 fps and the CPU usage has never exceeded 50%. I think this is mostly due to being lucky and getting placed on a low population box.

VPS servers also run great for other games. During the TF2 engineer update I ran a 32 slot server with 15 bots that was always full. At the same time a friend and I enjoyed a private 64 slot CSS server with 30 bots and a few friends. Neither servers reported any lag spikes at any time.

Well then, I stand corrected. May I ask who hosts your VPS?

his blog

I use linodes 512 package.


I have a 250GB one, 1GB RAM and 1 CPU Core, its good for $35 per month.
I am running a 10 slot Gmod server from it.

I might get one of these.

Yeah, they’re extremely cheap for what you get. The burstable RAM is almost always available and you’re almost never limited.

I hosted a garrysmod server off of mine, and it had 14 people on it last night with people building shit all over the place. Everybody’s connection was great, with the exception of me (I have shit internet, my connection to everything is bad).

I also host 2 minecraft servers off of it :v: