VR Mocap suggestion?

Hello FacePunch users, this is my first post so if I do anything wrong, please tell me.

There was this awesome project on Kickstarter called Perception Neuron. It is basically a motion capture system that allows you to easily capture body movements and get it sent to their custom software, which can then pass that information to Unity through their Unity integration. I think that this would be an awesome implementation into the game, even if it is just for laughs. I’m sure that you don’t need to pay them to implement it into anything but I can already see some possible problems with this;

1: It wont be as easy as dragging the Unity package into the game. It will probably require some effort.
2: Not everyone can use it. I doubt many people will have access to the hardware needed.
3: For their software to communicate with Unity, it will probably leave a port open or two. This can be exploited by hackers.

Keep in mind that this is NOT an advertisement. I am no way affiliated with the company in any way (apart from buying their product).