VR Support - Still In the Project Scope?

More or less just curious if VR support is still planned for S&box or if that has been scratched off the project. I can’t wait either way but just to have it as an added bonus would be absolutely fantastic. What’s everyone else’s thoughts?

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Someone asks about VR every other week.
This is using the source2 engine from HL:Alex so VR is essentially already built-in so yes it is in the pipeline, no we don’t know very much else.

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TBH, we wouldn’t need VR. Looking at Gmod, is has managed it big status without and with the new Engines performance S&box will rock.

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You don’t need VR.
You don’t need infinite maps.
You don’t need a super modern game engine
You don’t need 4k textures

But why not have them? More possibilities.


It’s not even that this game NEEDS VR to be successful. It’s that VR needs this game. No one has created a moddable, multiplayer physics sandbox that has native VR support yet.

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Garry said something about another VR company upset with the name S&box. Supposedly they threaten to sue if VR was incorporated? Something like that. I’d imagine we would be able to design VR related things, but I’m thinking it won’t be something out of the box & worked on directly by facepunch? Assuming what I’ve said is correct, & they continue with the name S&box.

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I really want VR to be a core part of s&box, I don’t think it is easy to describe how much freedom you have with hand controllers and a virtual environment in creating content like maps. It’s a defining feature of s&box to me, I seriously want an experience like Dreams on PSVR but with more freedom and multiplayer support.

I find the most people talking about not including VR have not experienced any VR sandbox game that allows large scale environments.


They removed the code related to VR from HL:A from the engine:

However garry also said that they still want to add VR support. Since #sbox-general is gone I cant provide screenshots from that


Yes, even after that post on discord he still said that VR support is planned.


Yes, although I believe it should be left to the modders. Garry thinks otherwise. It also prevents modifying user input by a lot supposedly.

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I think a system as low-level such as VR support is probably better implemented by the people who can actually change the engine and implement the systems required for actual decent VR support. I don’t see any benefit making modders hack in VR like gmod, when facepunch obviously want to do it themselves.


If left to the modders it will not get implemented. This is due to the fact that it requires client-side C++ stuff to get working. Something that Garry will not let happen, this means that it is literally impossible to work with SteamVR in any capacity. Also, I never said it would cut input inherently, just that input for parity should be set to the lowest common denominator. In order for everyone to be able to play the same stuff, you have to make compromises either in input, gameplay, or UI complexity. Cutting down on user amount of user controls is the easiest thing FP could do to make that decision.

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Anyway, point being. Yes VR is planned for garry to do. VR is like the only debated topic with this game along with an anti-cheat.

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Mostly large changes to existing pipelines for 1 and 2, especially with C# bindings.

To add infinite maps would require drastic changes to a lot of systems I’d imagine, such as Rubikon.

I’d say it"s still a super modern engine though, ans what about 4k textures? I’ve seen extremely high resolution textures loaded in Garry’s Mod fine - barring filesizes on the workshop.

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