VR Training - Proceed to waypoint

Another one I did. Forgot to turn up the jpeg quality as well as fix pixely edges (it’s really noticeable on that alien thing). Also tried getting more of an ass shot.


I wasn’t really sure how that alien thing was supposed to look. I’m not even sure what game it’s from…

Ass… in my face… lol

Otherwise, its a good picture, posing is nice, editting is awesome, just as cheesecurls said, her ass is in our face, but thats not necessarily a BAD thing, but yeah.

The ass is meant to be in your face.

That alien is from Mass Effect I believe and it’s supposed to be floating. The exact way I don’t remember since I haven’t played it in a while.

The Praetorian? You haven’t played Mass Effect 2? What’s wrong with you?

the pose really irks me

Haven’t played Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 :frowning:

Haven’t really had the time or the money. Been going to college!

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Which pose? The praetorian?


everyones pose

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it all looks so unnatural

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but the pictures remind me of my old vr poses too

Is good if you look up your stuff before you pose things

Gray highlights? Again?

I know the big cube is casting a shadow on the character but you could have executed the shadow a lot better if you had tried.

If only there was a gamemode that was like this…

including the ass in your face