VRAD Crashes, messing up my programs

So, I was compiling my friends map because he wanted me to change the lighting up a bit, and I previewed lighting. Sure enough it worked, but a problem had risen, where my VRAD.exe crashed and made all of my programs glitch out and eventually freeze and stop responding. A few of them even reported being out of memory, and upon that I had to restart my computer. I captured what was occuring with my Firefox as it was being affected the most;


The lighting preview isn’t a very well built tool, and takes a lot of memory and time to load up. So, your pc ran out of memory and locked up…and you are blaming this on hammer?

I am very careful when I compile my maps.
I leave the computer and shut off most background applications.

If it crashes, I receive a great amount of package loss and restart my computer if that ever occurs.
Hammer is extremely unstable, but if you treat her right she’ll return the favour.