Vrad crashes when trying to compile with HDR

Compile log:

It runs through vrad once, but as soon as it wants to start vrad for the HDR compile, it crashes (somewhere after the “13516 patches before subdivision” part) and skips. It compiles just fine without HDR.

Some map info:
Solids: 1913
Faces: 12949
PointEntities: 186
SolidEntities: 1182
Unique Textures: 28

It’s quite a large open map. Slightly old screenshot:

Can anyone give me a hint where it could possibly go wrong?

Too many unique verts, max = 65536 (map has too much brush geometry)

This error is crashing the compile. However, the map information provided above doesn’t match this error very well. Check for any intersecting, complicated, or unoptimized geometry.

It’s quite a large map, so editting some brushwork and then compile would take loads of time.

I should be able to find the invalid brushwork by compiling only parts of the map using cordon bounds, until I run in the part that crashes?

You don’t need to run VVis or VRad, just VBsp which should take a matter of seconds.

Just look for the highlighted error.

I’ve been debugging my map, and I’ve gathered some interesting results using the cordon bounds tool. Doesn’t appear to be any brushwork at play.

Look at this:

This is my entire map wrapped in the cordon bounds, excluding the skybox. This does not produce the error when compiling.

This is STILL my entire map wrapped in the cordon bounds, excluding the skybox, but just a larger area. Nothing actually changed compared to the previous picture, no new brushes are within the bounds. Yet this does produce the error during compile!

My theory would be that the area within my map is too big. But how would that produce that error?


Well I just fixed the unique verts error by decreasing the empty areas around the main brushwork. The entire area compiles (including skybox brush) within cordon bounds.

If I turn the cordon bounds off, it produces the error again since it apparently takes the 3D skybox area into consideration too :argh:

Wait what? So your skybox is a big box around the map? 'cause I see some brushes around the map outside the cordon bounds, is that the skybox or the 3D skybox?

Managed to sufficiently cut away the empty areas for the map to compile without cordon bounds. Now going to test HDR compile.

The red box are the cordon bounds. The box around that is just the excess of the ground and water brush.

I know the red box is cordon bounds, I asked about the white lines going outside the cordon bounds.

Oh fuck this, Vrad still crashes during compile, although the unique verts error doesn’t show up.

Water and ground brush. They get cut by the cordon bounds in the 3D view and during compile.

Hmmm, you shouldn’t be worried about the map being to large, unless it takes up all brush/faces memory, which it clearly does not…

Are you sure things are optimized correctly? With func_detail, hints, areaportals, no unnecessary names on lights, stuff like that?

I didn’t really bother using hints and areaportals, but I used func_detail all over the place and tracked down any bad areas using the portal file. I just can’t find the problem. And why would it only screw up the HDR and not the LDR compile?

What compile parameters are you using?

I don’t know what you are hoping for with the -low and -final parameters in the bottom box, the box is for console commands to apply to the game client on running only, you need to use the expert compile tools to make use of -final and -low.

That will cause the compiler to run with -both with is known to cause problems. Go to expert, make a new light execution, press up until it comes below the first light program. In the first program write -ldr in the beginning and delete -both if it is there, in the second one copy the parameters from the first one and replace -ldr with -hdr. That will force the compiler to run both LDR and HDR seperately.

Gah, didn’t know that.

Did you do what I told you?

Yes. I’m now doing expert compile with 2 light.exe commands, of which the first one has -ldr, and the second one -hdr. No -final right now. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope for the best! Compiling like you did before have caused a lot of problems for me, both compiling wise and in-game wise.

No change. :confused:

If you want I’ll just PM you the vmf so you can check for yourself. My friend tried to compile it but vrad crashed for him too.

HDR compiling never gave me trouble before. If I create a new map, dump in a skybox and an light environment plus a few brushes, it compiles with HDR.