VRAD.exe uses too much memory, ends up crashing, making my map look shit. What do I do?

It’s not much to explain now, but every-fucking-time I compile, the piece of shit vrad.exe will use 1.3 gigabytes of my 2gb ram and then my map turns out fullbright and broken because of it (It is the reason I recently released a test map, gm_steam, as a fullbright map).

What can I do to keep vrad from using so much memory? It just destroys my whole PC. In fact, it is the reason I bluescreened one. (I compiled, and vrad decided to take up as much ram as it could in less than half a minute, so I ended up bluescreening when my computer decided to give up trying to stop it’s rampage)

Get the Valve Batch Compile Tool (google it) and run it as a fast compile and see if Vrad still takes up too much ram. If that’s the case you may need to just buy more ram.

Running VBCT in fast is fine, even when I run vrad. I honestly have no money to buy ram, so it’s not an option in the near future :frowning:

If it compiles in fast vbct you should be able to disable fullbright in gmod through console by typing mat_fullbright 0 or something along those lines.

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If this is the case, I would just get a friend to compile it.

You could run it with -low in the expert compile. Gives it low priority in windows.

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I honestly didn’t even know performance had an impact on maps. I thought it just took longer to finish.

That is actually very informative. I did not know this.

By logic it will take longer, no? In which case, I do not mind.

It may take longer depending on how much of your system other applications use.