VRAD gives up computing light - zero area child patch?


So I’m really not that good of a mapper and making a build map for Garry’s Mod seems really hard apparently.
I’m taking on the work a friend started for a custom map for my own sandbox server, and after having made my modifications I don’t really get what’s going on anymore.
Compiling on fast, using the modded vrad, I get up to 3 errors saying “zero area child patch” when running VRAD then it seems to completely give up, giving me a fullbright map.
I’ve used the interlopers compile log check thingy, and it told me that error could be ignored. However I don’t see anything that I’m doing wrong or even locate where that error is coming from.
Here’s the full log of my latest compile that didn’t work: gives up at the last moment of BuildVisLeafs.
And here’s my map, on GitHub, if you want to take a look at it (it almost takes up the entire possible width of a map Source can handle).

Thanks a lot for your help.

EDIT: Hadn’t pushed my latest update to the map on GitHub, so it should match the results of the compile log if it didn’t before now.

It’s crashing on build visleaves. This happens when brushes are too large or have too dense of anlightmap scale. Either increase the lightmap scale or chop up the larger brushes.