Vrondakis DarkRP Leveling system & using Outside Printers?

Does anyone know of a way to incorporate an outside printer addon into the Vrondakis DarkRP Leveling System? I don’t like the built-in printers and I would like to use my own.

Vrondakis Leveling System Github:

You could use

The meta functions are in the sv_levels file.

I’m confused on what you mean here

Just find the part where your printers add money (Search for :addMoney( )
It should look like this:


And add this underneath it, changing variable names respectively:


And it’ll give you XP when you collect the money

Ah I got it, thank you for the help guys

It seems to still not give the players EXP from printers, Maybe I phrased something wrong, but I want the players to get exp from the different amounts of money they could be getting from the printers, so It would have to be based on the money stack not the withdraw from the printer itself.

Can’t help without your printers

Here is the pastebin for the printers, http://pastebin.com/HpfCazaz
Here is the config for the 3 different printers in order of VIP, Standerd, Extended, http://pastebin.com/BPKFmdQs - http://pastebin.com/Baeed2UQ - http://pastebin.com/gWv5YZZx

I’m sorry if i’m bumping a old thread but I still need help with this problem.

p sure “base_money_printer” contains the use function which handles the ‘give’ part, think we need that.

I already told you exactly how to do what you want to do in my first reply

Ok i got it now, lol. Thank you very much for the help!