Vrondakis level system rejoin issue

Hello, I recently installed the DarkRP level system by Vrondakis from github. I placed all the files inside the DarkRP mod master for entities,weapons,and module and placed the materials & resource in fastDL. For some reason upon first join of server restart tab menu is an error (bleur scoreboard) and the error just says some bs thing like (line blahblahblah bleurscoreboard attempted nil value, when it never mentions any errors until after installing the module), but upon second rejoin everything works except when you level and leave the server the levels don’t save. Can anyone assist me with this?

Make sure you install it correctly as it is. So just drag all the files in the main “garrysmod” folder and it will put the respected files in their places

I wasn’t aware it would get automatically sorted, I thought that would just make it go inside that one folder… thank i’ll try that

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The errors everywhere are gone, but they still don’t save levels.

Make sure you got DarkRP installed correctly.