"VSTDlib.dll is missing from my computer" error

Hello, I keep getting an error saying “vstdlib.dll is missing from your computer, try reinstalling.” I have just downloaded the vstd.dll file and I placed it in my Windows>System 32 Directory and I’m still getting the error. What else do I need to get my MDL Decompiler working? I don’t have Source SDK installed and I just reformatted so I have to re-install Gmod. Do I need any programs installed or any other components? Thank you.

Where are you getting this error?

I get the error everytime I try and open MDL Decompiler. Thanks for the reply.

You need to put the vstdlib.dll in the sdk/bin/ep1/bin and if you don’t have the SDK you need to have it to run the decompiler.

Thanks! Is that all I need or do I have to have a source game installed also?

I’m not sure, try it without and if it doesn’t work install one, but I think you would only need one installed to compile, not decompile (as you specify the decompile location).

Alright, much appreciated Silver. Thank you. I’ll contact you if I’m still not sure.

np :smiley:

Alright, the file is already located in the SDK content when you install it. I’m assuming I still have to install EP1 to get the MDL Decompiler to work.

No idea, but as I said i’d expect not.

Any other ideas? My file is in the Windows 32 directory and it’s located in all the SDK sections that it needs to be. I’m not sure what else I owuld need to do.

It still not working? Is the SDK configured? (You will need a game installed to do that).

I’ll need a game installed to configure source SDK? Is configuring it necessary to getting MDL Decompiler to work?


Now it’s telling me that tier0.dll is missing from my computer.

I’ve looked all over the internet and so far nothing has helped. I refreshed the SDK content also. I have the needed files in their respected places and they keep telling me that they’re not correct.


There you are, it goes missing on updates regularly.

It is already located in my SDK Bin, thanks. Would I need to put it in my Windows>System 32 Directory?


This is really confusing. I can’t find the problem with this.

You need it in the SDK/bin/ep1/bin and mdldecompiler also needs to be in there.

Nothing needs to go in thr system32 directory @.@ (you really shouldn’t put random dlls in there)

lol I should probably take them out then. Anyways, I put the MDL Decompiler is SDK/Bin/Ep1/bin eh? Alright, I’ll try that, thanks.

Alright, I put the MDL Decompiler into Source SDK bin and it still isn’t working. My Decompiler keeps asking for that tier0 file. I don’t know what to do

You put it in the SDK/bin/ep1/bin?

Configured the SDK for a game?

Put the tier0.dll in the SDK/bin/ep1/bin?

If you have done all of those and it’s not working, I have no idea either.

I must be misunderstanding something here, pressing the “Refresh SDK content” button fixes most of these errors for me.