VTA file for TF2 Engy

Hey all, when I decompile the .mdl for the engineer, all I get is:


For all the other TF2 class models, (save for the Pyro), there is also a “mdldecompiler_expressions.vta” file that shows up when their respective .mdl is decompiled.
The engy can talk, so there should be no reason why it’s not showing up… but it’s not.

Anybody have any pointers?

Better yet… can anybody simply hook me up with the engy’s .vta file?

You don’t need to decompile TF2 character models. Valve released their source a few months back.

They planned to release the source. They still haven’t yet.

Ahh… Didn’t realise that they hadn’t yet.

Exactly. Way back in early August the TF2 blog mentioned that they would be releasing all the source art “in a week or so”… heh. Hopefully they still will.

Still… if anybody out there has the .vta for the engy, I’d be forever greatful.

Now they have released the source models but i still cant find any vta files for any character, or are the “vta” extensions named something different?

(in other word, I’d, too, be grateful if someone has the engies vta.)

I think quite a few people could use this.


There you go. The engineer’s VTA file along with the $model and flex commands for it.

holy **** my hero howd you get that?
i am sure all of us appreciate your upload, including me :stuck_out_tongue:
I should credit your name in my future work :smiley:

btw nice avatar on the steam page, are you a modder ?