VTF Edit Materials Help

Hey i never really used VTF Edit full potential and i always had some problems finding the right maps for vmt. So i usually work with substance designer when creating new textures most of the time they are for renders and other engines that have presets.

For my question i have a example Material that was not made by me but it would be nice if you could explain it on this example.

Im not sure wich maps source engine supports or i can use when creating a texture for gmod for example. So this is my example material:

All the diffrent textures i use for this material:

Which of these textures are possible to use in source engine/gmod with creating a vmt.
And what are the best ways of useing vtfedit to get the best results ingame.

It would be nice if you could show me how you create the best looking material for gmod with these textures.
If you want to show me examples on how to use them correctly or create the right vmt i uploaded them for you here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p5m54itp41zz0r4/AAANG3deG46BR7Rt9hizJeara?dl=0

Thank you in advance for your help.

i better not do this. bluflytrap knows that and gmod alot better. but… basicly. you can use the diffuse, ao, metal, normal and roughness. i used shrimp for the layer work.

basetexture.rgb = color * invert(metal) * ao
basetexture.a = avg(metal)

bumpmap.rgb = normal
bumpmap.a = metal

phongexponenttexture.r = invert(roughness) tweaked (brightness -64, contrast 64)
phongexponenttexture.g = invert(metal)
phongexponenttexture.b = 0
phongexponenttexture.a = rimblah

vmt is just like that. i’m unsure if this combo will work in gmod. ofc only works on models. and not roughness for metalic. no branch does that afaik.

	$basetexture "models\canvas\material_dif_emsk"
	$bumpmap "models\canvas\material_nrm_pmsk"
	$phong 1
	$phongboost 4
	$phongfresnelranges "[.3 .7 1]"
	$phongexponenttexture "models\canvas\material_exp"
	$phongalbedotint 1

	$envmap env_cubemap // "lightprobes	estcase_day_hdr"
	$envmaptint "[.1 .1 .1]"
	$basealphaenvmapmask 1

the snap is from sfm with tonemap 1, working envmap (orange sun) and a spotlight (white). it should look similar (if working) in gmod.

i gotta say… those are really good textures for that lil trick thingy. :smile:

Thank you very much for your help. I dident know that source can support that much textures.
Could you give me the vtf and the vmt so i can take a closer look to understand how get these amazing results? And if i may ask you it is not possible to use height maps? I have some really good ground textures that need height maps and it would be cool if i could use them too.
Is there any other way to contact you and ask you about the details how you achived these results?

why you want the files? it’s all in the post. nothing to ask. you gotta learn this way. learn by diy. :smile: and…

i forgot you can use the heightmap to generate an ssbump too. that can be used on brushes. this doesn’t support phong. pretty good for rather dry bumped materials. in combination with envmap lighting and good random normals you can achieve a good amount of ‘metalic’ or wet (slimy) dirt reflection and scattered ‘details’ tho. i dunno how good those shader combos work in gmod. so…

Your explanation is really nice but i lack the vtf edit knwoledge to follow your guide. Its nice to know what is possible with source but i still dont have the right skills to use vtf edit? Do you know a good vtf edit guide for example?

i didn’t use vtfedit. i used gimp. it’s got a plugin to export vtf directly. photoshop (if you wanna buy it) has this functionality and plugin too. and i wrote the vmt in notepad. i’m not much of a clicker int this weird vmt editor. i like to type those. gotta know all (or the most common) parameters tho. :smile: