vtf file for the useful and explosive bombs?


does anyone know where or how i can find the vtf file for the useful and explosive items from gmod 12? i want to make a new skin for them.

these ones here:

Try gbombs


Well, the directories for that particular bomb’s materials are:

materials/phoenix_storms/grey_steel -- for the bits on the ends
materials/phoenix_storms/bomb -- for the main bomb part

Note to actually find the materials in order to edit them you have to open the file called garrysmod_dir.vpk in SteamApps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod with GCFScape or a similar program and look in the materials folder for the .vmt and .vtf.

The other bomb models are in models/props_phx if you look around for a bit. I used a handy addon called the SubMaterial tool to find the paths for the materials, since it shows the material paths of a model when you select it.