.VTF plugin for Gimp

I was almost certain there was a Gimp .vtf plugin floating around somewhere but I never bothered with it.

After converting some .vtfs to .tga’s I’ve noticed there is actually a massive difference in quality.

Perhaps it’s my image editing program or my image converter, but I would now like to cut out the conversion bullcrap and edit the .vtfs straight from the game.

I’ve rambled on for like 3 sentences asking for a Gimp plugin. Wow. I’m tired.

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK, there is no GIMP vtf plugin. I might code one if I find time. Not now, I already have three projects going.

Also, the difference in quality is because VTF, almost always, uses DXT compression, which is not a high-quality system at all. If you are seriously concerned about it, try ARGB8 instead.