vtf. Plugin for Photoshop CS4 64x

So this has been bugging me for a while, for some reason Nem’s vtf plugin for Photoshop doesn’t work anymore after I upgraded to 64 bit. It used to work just fine on CS4 32x so I’m pretty sure that’s the problem. Anyone know a way around this?

What do you mean, “It doesn’t work anymore” ? Does it give you an error? Does it just plain not save?

It doesn’t load or save them, gives me a “photoshop cannot open this file type”.

Did you install it right? Worked for me on 64bit.

Yes, I installed it correctly, I had it before.

Works only on the 32 bit version for me. There should be two directories in your installfolder.

Works fine for me. Are you sure you put the plugin files in both the 32bit and 64bit Photoshop folders?

Ah, that’d be my problem, thanks so much.