Vtf plugin for Photoshop CS4?

Well the title says it all, I just purchased CS4, got to making textures realised it didn’t have a save as vtf option. Help.

Purchased, really? oh well
Google helps!


it seems down right now.

Yeh, I’m not into the whole torrent or newsbin shit. thanks for the link though.


Had it on hand.

Excellent mate, thankyou.

Edit: This plugin you gave me spectator doesn’t actually work in CS4, thanks anyways though, I’ll try Diwako’s link he gave me.

Another Edit: That site is still down, another working plugin version would be great if anybody has one.

this one http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=58 has worked for me in cs4, might for you

Thankyou so much that’s perfect!